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Car Hire all over Ukraine
Car Rental car rental in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Lugansk, Lviv, Simferopol, Kharkov.
Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
Rent a car

The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

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Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

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Rent a car - an appeal of a chef manager

On behalf of all our employees let you welcome to our website. First and foremost, I would like to contact you and propose you to read this page till the end - it is not made for the search systems and searching optimization of our website - the page is made for people, for those who want to take advantage of car rental, find out more about rent a car, just to get acquainted with the procedure of providing this service.

Second, the main thing: I try not to stop on the achievements and history of our brand and company, and focus just on the rent a car and communication with you my dear clients. Yes, clients, even if you did not take a car in our company - you visit our site, that?s why you our customers.

The purpose of this writing  was the desire to communicate directly with you, my, our, customers in the field of car rental. One day, me, as head of the company, thinking that it is, really nice to have a dialogue with you, help you and please by all means. In order to get acquainted closer, I decided at one of our corporate sites address you this letter. Just note that this appeal is not and can not bring the full quantity of information that can give you, so pay attention to the links in the text - when you click it, you can read more articles.

We started our activity in Ukraine in 2006, gradually evolving, we have founded offices in  a few regions. The starting  of our company was like a  type of the "American dream", it was a small office, me, the only worker who tried to introduce a new service in Ukraine. At the moment of starting car rental, I left a good, challenging work, where I was very much appreciated and growth prospects were simply enormous, going from work, no one believed me and giggling in the corners, people twisted his finger to his temple - speaking softly, he has the prospect, is he in truth goes. The only "but" was that  no one could say this to myself directly, but all people thought, and thinking  that, I am a man with great charisma, which means that  I can do something.
So, in only one room, with a bad repair, me and the brand "RACE" started their activities in the, 2006. As expected, develop the company began to write a business plan. Now reading it - have to laugh for a long time, but 80% of it came true, and if you say exactly what came to pass from 80% - surpassed written hundreds of times.

Here again, I would like to write an appeal to the customers, but writing everything about myself. Although, I think this is important, because you´re interested and I think it is important for you  to know who, where and how you take the car hire, whom you can trust your security, give a pledge at the time of rent a car ....

So, from the very beginning the main thing for me and the company was to create high-quality rent a car services, day and night I spent in the office, analyzing and reflecting on all aspects of the service, measuring every inch and counting every penny of income and expense. During the period of formation, for someone I was just not normal, I bet all - home, family. I can not say now that the family sees me often, but I do not regret that I chose you. I am generally annoyed by "Stars", which say, "Do not like" to  journalists and fans, with the expression "you are a lot, but I am one." Think about it - you become a "Star" and wanted attention, you missed him so, and now you say "NO" to all who loved you, so it is impossible. Here I am  try to respond to your love, understanding, with my love  and continue to follow our main principle - to please customers at any cost.

I do not want you to write an article on the construction of differences, but still can not do without them. Being a leader today, the brand with several branches working for the most part of Ukraine and a few hundred cars in the fleet, I continue to communicate with you daily. No, not by this article, and by means of direct contact between the customer and as a performer. Many of those who book car rental, certainly did not think  about that often they communicate directly with the director, the director may give them a car, deliver it and listen to suggestions and comments on their work and the work of the staff of the company. How does it work?? Very simply, I still often incorporated into the ranks of the reservation team, the department of technical support, order fulfillment department and as an ordinary worker doing a specific job, in the course of evaluating the performance of our staff, reviews and customer needs. So sometimes, asking about the service you are immediately appealing to the leadership of the company and get an answer. Only in this way, I think, we can not lose in quality. Of course, I absolutely do not serve all orders and can not accept participation in each, it´s just physically impossible, but I always know about any situation, especially if you are a client, than either is not satisfied - I must put this advised to set out all the circumstances - the situations are not setting me know just unnoticed.

In customer service, is a pleasant fact to communicate with our customers long-standing. Many of them know my mobile phone and communicate directly with me. Pretty nice to hear a man who rented a car from me 5 years ago and I was served him, at that time I did not  have  so many employees. And now, he calls and says, "Hey, are you still doing car rental?", I say - of course I do, can I  help you?? Certainly going to meet this client, and  sometimes happens at the meeting  we talk like two old friends. Just think about?? Working earlier in the prospective job,  having a bunch of friends in the highest circles, I´ve never been so happy to them, same, like they are, as I rejoice in the meeting with a simple regular customer, a man whom I have served last  year or 5 years ago. I do not know this feeling, it is hard to describe, maybe it is LOVE??

It is possible to apply to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I can resolve any issue. No, my goal is not a position I´m the head - and I will punish or forgive - no, absolutely not. Each member of our staff can not and simply must, while on the job to perform their duties, and it does not mean that any order or maintenance I have to participate. If something does not work, that?s mean that our staff working bed. But still, it does not mean that any of your treatment will be uncontrolled and abandoned to. In our work we have also set targets and recruitment, our team is carefully selected - even though I can not say that we are not mistaken in people. It is impossible not to do mistakes. We are trying to find a new employee that matches our spirit and goals, precisely because of this we often have to reject many of the candidates for vacant positions.

Getting ahead of myself I will say that all proposals for advertisements, I always look through as well, always submit them to the e-amil. The only thing they have to be designed accordingly, this is a common requirement, which simply facilitate the procedure for consultation with your promotional offer. (Link to article on how to design promotional offers).

As I said above, one of our bases is a customer and quality. We do not do  that customers do not like and what is sometimes abused by our colleagues from the car rental areas, more on that here.

In the fight for quality, we buy new cars and pass you to hire. Our cars use up to 3 years. Initially, I can not boast that our price is very low - no, he is in the middle. We will never keep up with those individuals who passed the car on bald tires or a car "ripped" from the banks or the debtor on loans - just on such machines, we would have exposed the problems - namely, a car loan can take away from the police debts, car or bald tires or re-leased (when the company re-order a car) - is dangerous to take your customers - you do not know what is the technical condition. That´s why we have our own fleet, which serving by our certified mechanics at service station. For regular customers, those, with whom we work are not the first day, we will offer a discount because we are very pleased to work with you and hope you do the same.

Our team members can answer all your questions, depending on their positions. In any case, almost 100% of the questions regarding car rental, I can give an answer. Rental price offered to you are not taken from the ceiling - we did not come up and rewrote it, we have clearly calculated the risks and all relationships. Me, as a leader, can explain to you the 100% value of any day any car rental, explain and substantiate every penny that you have to take a rental car,  explain why the particular type of services you can use, why not benefit from a rental for you or easier still to take a taxi - we know all the answers and we can not just say or indicate that it costs so much that, but to clarify its position.

In any case, I personally invite you to become our client, to try our service and try to stay with us for a long time.

Head TM RACE Rent A Car Enterprise
Taras Getmanskyy

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