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Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

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Car rental Prague, Czech Republic

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Car rent in Prague (Czech Republic)


Thousands and tens of thousands of tourists come to Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is not only beer tour, as it seems to some. Prague is quiet European capital with its sights. To plunge into the old days, eat pork knuckle, drink a couple of glasses of Czech beer and walk around through the old town is a wonderful pastime.

Prague is full of attractions and of course, this city, you will see as a pedestrian, but there are many places to visit in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. What is this place? Queen's country residence, home of Count and other nobles,finally go to Karlovy Vary, even if you're not there to take the course of treatment - just look at this luxurious resort. How to get to the attractions outside of Prague? One way –to book a tour or go by public transport, but there are other options, such as book a car rent in Prague.

Using car rental service in Prague, Czech Republic, you can go to the suburbs of Prague and independently look at the whole flavor of the Czech Republic. Roads in the Czech Republic is quite comfortable, you will be not tired of it.

Being in Prague, go to the Prague zoo, it is worth a look. The zoo is located on the way out of town; therefore car rental in Prague is useful in this case.

One of the most popular routes for our tourists, who use rent cars in Prague, is a trip to Germany to Dresden. The city of Dresden is just 230 km from Prague, so you can get there in a few hours.

Cars are offered with unlimited mileage therefore the any trip to Europe by car is possible if you took rent car in Prague. Cars are on numbers of the European Union, to travel freely everywhere, except for some additional charges on autobahn.

If you ordered a car rental service in Prague, Czech Republic, we will offer you the service of paid travel on motorways in Europe.

Do not want to travel by car yourself - book car rental in Prague with a driver. We also do a transfer from the airport to the city.


Read the terms the car rent in Prague and the prices of car rental in the Czech Republic.


We wish you a pleasant time in Europe with our Car.




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