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The office do not serve customers from june 2014.

Rent a car in  Donetsk

The office of car rental company RACE was founded in 2008 in Donetsk. The reason for opening the office was the rapid development of the Donetsk region. From 2008 to the present day, rent a car in Donetsk, in the RACE company - Rent A Car Enterprise, took advantage of thousands or even tens of thousands of people, most of whom expressed their loyalty to us and to this day remain our customers.

2008, the year of opening the car rental office in Donetsk, was not easy, not only for us but for the whole country and the world, because in that year began, "Economic Crisis". Despite all the difficulties and obstacles that we have survived and we´ll hold in the future, continuing to delight you with the services of car rental in Donetsk. The economic crisis and falling demand in all sectors, in car rental market also, not only did not break us, but give us a new stage of development.

Since the beginning of "Crisis", many companies have closed, including the field of car rental. Insurance companies have experienced difficulties with payments, the banks stopped lending to people and businesses. But RACE car rental Donetsk never for a moment ceased to fulfill its obligations as a result gained even greater credibility among our customers (customer service) and among partners.

The correct balance of risks policy has not given reasons loosing of liquidity and non-compliance.
Today we are proud of the fact that in some way had a hand in the face to form a full-fledged European city of Donetsk. Growing infrastructure of the city of Donetsk, new services,  does everything that this city held a worthy place in the list of cities in Ukraine.

Choosing a reliable company and a partner in the field of car rental in Donetsk, you should pay attention on our company, because we clearly keeping our commitments, we provide excellent vehicles for our customers, we have no problems with liquidity or solvency. RACE - the company´s leading in car rental industry in Donetsk. If you have not decided with whom you work - focus on us, you can not  do wrong. If you are looking for a car for the company, we are also the best alternative - choosing us, after some time you will hear only the praise of your leadership made a right choice in favor of a reliable partner.

In Donetsk, our service is always available in the rental car of all classes. We work with companies and with individuals. Car rental is possible for a period of 1 day, rental price does not depend on the form of payment  - we accept payment cards, bank transfer and cash, electronic payments.
You need to rent a car - only one solution - RACE car rental Donetsk.

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