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Car Hire all over Ukraine
Car Rental car rental in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Lugansk, Lviv, Simferopol, Kharkov.
Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
Rent a car

The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

Car Rental Kharkov - here you can rent a car, not only at the lowest price in town, but also to lease new cars 2013  year

Car rental Kharkov

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Car rental Kharkov

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Car rental Kharkov

RACE - Rent A Car Enterprise in Kharkiv began operations in 2011. In autumn 2011 we have opened our doors for Kharkiv citizens and for visitors.

We have come to the aid of the city on the eve of Euro 2012. Can not say that Euro 2012 was in itself for us, RACE car rental Kharkiv came to the city for a long time, long-term plans for the development of the city and hire services at the European level.

From the first days of our work, we have served a decent amount of people who wanted to use the services of car rental in Kharkiv. The office of our company was not chosen by chance, we settled in the city center, to each it would be easier to get to us. Not far away is the metro station "Kievskaya", so everyone can freely using the services of the metro to get to our office.

The northern capital of Ukraine, met us enthusiastically, immediately came to our loyal brand consumers. In view of the Kharkov region and proximity to the Russian border, raised questions about the possibility of car rental in Kharkiv with the right to travel abroad. This service can only benefit from our corporate customers, the company renting the car long term. In the standard conditions of car rental there are not allowed to drive the car abroad.

Booking of rent a car in Kharkiv is available 24 hours a day via our website. Anyone can send a request to which we respond as quickly as possible. The car is best to book a few days, but if a need to hire a car in Kharkiv came suddenly - no problem, we can help resolve your issue. We do not accept reservations for car rental in Kharkov for up to 3 days. If there is a need for cars at this time - no problem, the cars always in stock, please contact us for a few hours and the car will be.

Booking car rental services in Kharkov can be done by telephone, via the website, or by visiting the office. Booking is complete only in the case of prepayment of 20% of the cost of your order.

By ordering a car from us, you get a car rental service in Kharkiv, and the car will not differ from conventional cars. There is no advertising on the sides of cars, we value your safety, all cars have tinted.

Talk about all of our advantages can be quite long, but the best option is simply a time to use our services, then you will once and for all dot the I. For you, there will be only one car rental in Kharkiv - RACE.