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Conditions of rent a car in Georgia

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Place of receipt

Return Location

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.

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Our requirements for the driver:

  1. The minimum age is 21 years.
  2. The minimum driving experience is 2 years.

To rent a car you need to provide such documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Driving license category B

How to book a car?

Reserve a car is better in advance, with early booking you are more likely to get the desired car. But nevertheless for reservation it is necessary to be defined with exact dates, time of reception / delivery of a car, a city and the most basic with a class of cars. To order an auto you can simply fill in the application online, make a phone call, write to Viber, WhatsApp or contact our chat room.

When ordering, we need to have copies of the above documents. When you book a car, a unique four-digit number will be sent to the mail. Booking is 100% confirmation of your order. Booking can be paid or unpaid. Advantage has paid reservation.

The car is booked in the class (ie not a specific brand), but the gearbox you select is mandatory. For us in priority your wishes and in booking always a comment with the indication of the chosen car is prescribed. We also reserve the right to upgrade the car class, but the rental price is not recalculated.
Note! When booking a car in Kutaisi, a prepayment is obligatorily.

How do I cancel a reservation? Refund of prepayment.

If necessary, cancel the reservation simply call or email us, we will be happy to assist you next time. The prepayment in case of cancellation of the reservation is returned in full, when before the car rental there are more than 72 hours from the moment of cancellation of the reservation.

Payment. Forms of payment.

The payment for car rental is made in full when signing a contract and getting a car.
We have such forms of rental fees:

  • Cash
  • Cards of international payment systems
  • Cashless payments

Note! On the territory of Georgia, payment is carried out only in national currency - LARI. If you have dollars or euro, our manager will tell you how it is more profitable to exchange currency.

The basic amount of the car rental and the lien sum must be paid in one way:

  • When making payment for car rental in cash, you need to leave a deposit in cash
  • When making payment for the rental through the site - the deposit is left in cash
  • Payment for hire in the office by card - payment of a deposit with the same card in the office.

The minimum rental period is 1 day. The car can be rented for less time, but the cost is charged as for 24 hours. In case of exceeding the rental car to 1 hour - no surcharge is paid. If you did not return the car at the time specified in the contract and from this moment it took more than 1 hour - you need to pay as for an additional day of hire.


Our obligatory condition is the issue of a clean car. In turn, we expect you to return the car in the same clean condition. If you do not have time to wash the car before delivery, you can pay the cost of washing. At strong pollution the auto manager has all the bases to demand payment of a dry-cleaner of the car.


The car is issued for hire with a certain amount of fuel, the car must be returned with the same amount as it was received. If you rent a car with a smaller amount - an additional payment according to the tariff grid of the petrol station. With this fuel policy, we give you the option to independently choose the fuel that you consider more acceptable for this car.

Work time. Pick up / auto return place.

At us it is possible to receive / pick up the car outside working hours, a day off, a holiday - for this service a small surcharge is charged.

Office hours: Mon-Fri. from 8:00 to 19:00. At this time, the car will be issued / returned without any additional charges (if it is not a public holiday).

For your comfort there is an auto reception / return car outside the office - airport, railway station, delivery to the address specified by you within the city, this offer is paid additionally.

You can also get a car in one city, but you can rent it in another one. This service is called "one way", its cost depends on the city of receipt / return of the car, from the class of the car and is about 50 - 100 US dollars.


  • Limit on mileage up to 4 days of rent - 250 km / day, is calculated in total for the period.
  • The reran is considered on the fact of putting the car, the cost depends on the class of the car.
  • Unlimited mileage is available from 5 days rental car.

Parking space

In Georgia there is paid parking in three cities - Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi. We provide a free parking service in the city in which you take a car. On this issue, you can contact the manager who issues the car and it will tell you where it is safest to leave the vehicle.

Baby seat, navigator, rails for skis

We provide a child seat, navigator, ski rails for an additional fee - 3-5 dollars / day, but not more than 25 dollars for the entire period of rental.

Second driver

Additional drivers can be added into the rental contract and have all the rights to drive. To design the second driver, you also need the entire package of documents, as for the main one. The surcharge for this service is $ 3 / day, but not more than $ 25 for the entire rental period.

Deposit. Refund of collateral.

A deposit is an insurance deductible, a certain amount for each car that is not reimbursed by the insurance company in the event of insured events, that is, the insurance company pays the entire amount of damage, except for the collateral. A deposit serves as a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations on your part. If you do not want to leave a deposit, you can rent a car without deposit.

The deposit can be left in cash (in lari), by card or by bank transfer. If you pay the deposit with the card, we will unlock the deposit after the car is returned on the first business day of the bank. The transfer of money to your card occurs within 14 or more banking days (depending on your bank).

Car rental without deposit or with reduced deposit

We provide the opportunity to rent a car without deposit or with a reduced deposit by 50%, for this you need to order additional insurance. The cost of such insurance depends on the class of the car and the rental period.

When renting a car without deposit, your liability for the incident is zero. When renting a car with a 50% deposit - you answer half the amount of the deposit at the time of the insured event.


Basic insurance, which is included in the car rental price:

  • CASCO - insurance works in case of theft (if you have keys and technical passport left), accidents on the road, fire, damage (scratches and the like).
  • Life and health insurance for the driver and passengers
  • Responsibility to third parties - in case you have caused damage to someone, it will be paid by our insurance company.

Your actions in case of an accident:

  1. Do not leave the scene of accident.
  2. Call our company's hotline - the phones are indicated in the car (stickers), also on the last page of the contract.
  3. Wait for the police - 3 minutes (real time of police response)
  4. Wait for the registration of the event and the insurance commissioner - 20-30 minutes
  5. Take a test for alcohol - the police will make using a dragger.

In case of an accident, your liability will only be changed by the amount of a deposit, if you made out an additional insurance - we do not charge you any fees. In case of your guilt in the incident you will need to pay a fine.

Violation of traffic rules. Fines.

In Georgia, violations of traffic rules are recorded using photo and video shooting. The receipt with the written out fine will be delivered to you by mail. The driver is required to pay for the offense in the bank. If the penalty is not paid within 14 days, the penalty begins to increase. They are punished for violating the rules in Georgia is of all, regardless of their social status.

Places not allowed to be visited by car

The reason for the ban listed below was a long-standing practice. These sections of the road are very dangerous for movement on the car, i.е. there is a threat to the life and health of the driver and passengers. Places list:

  1. A segment of the road Batumi-Akhaltsikhe, namely part of the road after Keda, more precisely Keda-Adygheni, is a very bad road, only an SUV can cope with this task.
  2. Road Upper Omalo in Tushetia - movement is possible only in summer, not rainy months and then on an off-road vehicle.
  3. The road to Uzhguli through Kutaisi - in Uzhguli it is necessary to go through Poti, here a normal asphalt road, through Kutaisi you cannot go - the road surface is practically absent.
  4. The road to Mestia further the cable car - on a rental car, the passage is prohibited. Just go for a walk or order a special transfer service by car with a very high ground clearance.
  5. The occupied territories: Abkhazia, South Ossetia.

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