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Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
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Conditions of rent a car in Crimea

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.

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Rental conditions in the Crimea

How to book a car for hire in the Crimea:

To order a car you need on the site to fill out an order form or call the specified phones on the site.

Documents for car rental:

  1. Passport (age not less than 21 years old)
  2. Driving license (experience of at least 2 years)

Renting a car:

Payment for car rental is accepted for cash, bank transfer, credit cards Mastercard and Visa. The rental price for the whole period and additional services are paid in full. Just for the car you need to leave a deposit, at the time of renting a car.

How is the time calculated for using the car:

Rent a car in the Crimea. The time is calculated from the moment the customer receives the car. Thus, when a car is received, the client pays the rent at least one day's rental and receives the car for 24 hours. In cases where the customer returns the car after more than 1 hour, the customer is charged for the next day of the rental in full. The customer has the right to extend the rental of the car if the car is not booked by another customer.

Rent a car:

The price and deposit for car rental depends on the chosen class and the life of the car. The longer the lease term, the cheaper the price per day. The rental price is calculated on the day of signing the contract and remains unchanged until the customer returns the car. You can see & nbsp; prices for car rental in Crimea .

Car insurance for the period of use:

All cars of our company are insured with basic Hull insurance against risks of damage and car theft. All insurance for a car have a franchise size which depends on the class of the car. Thus, the pledge is the responsibility of & nbsp; for the car. Also, all our customers can purchase additional insurance to reduce liability. In this case, our company takes all costs for risks of damage and theft, and the bail is fully returned to the client. Details about the insurances of "Super 0" and "Insurance 50/50" can be found from our managers on the phones listed on the site.

About the car:

The car is transferred to the rental in pure form with a certain volume of fuel, which is specified in the contract. At the time of return, the car must be filled with the same amount of fuel and be clean. If the customer returns the car dirty or with less fuel, he pays for car washing or missing fuel. All cars are transferred with an unlimited daily mileage across the Crimea.

Additional services:

A number of additional services are provided for our clients. Together with car rental the client can order:

  1. Submission or selection of a car anywhere in the Crimea
  2. Filing or picking up a car at the railway station, airport, bus station.
  3. GPS navigator at the time of car rental.
  4. Child seat for any age of the child
  5. DVR at the time of rental car
  6. Wireless Internet in the car at the time of hire.
  7. Car rental table

The cost of additional services can be obtained from our managers by phone indicated on the site.  

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