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Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
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Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

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Conditions of rent a car in Crimea

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Place of receipt

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.

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Required documents

  1. The valid passport of the person who will drive the car.
  2. Driving license with category “B” and driving experience minimum 2 years


We always seek the customer's wishes for a particular car, but according to the rental conditions the cars are provided in a class. This condition is mandatory in order to ensure the fulfillment of the order. To book a car you can use the form on the web. Also you can contact us through Viber, What'sApp, Telegram.

The cars are booked with an advance payment of 20% of the total amount of the order in the high season, from April 20 to October 15. The payment can be made to our account, details can be provided by the Reservation Service or in the office. It is also possible to pay transfering money to a bank card.
Cancellations or changes of bookings without penalties are possible for:

  • 72 hours before the start of the rental,
  • cancellation after 72 hours – we take a penalty of 100% payment of the order.

We do not compensate bank commissions, conversions and other costs associated with the transfer or refund of money to you while refunding the prepayment. We ask for the details of your documents in order to simplify and speed up the stage of booking and issuing the car as much as possible. It is possible to send photocopies of documents to us by messengers or via e-mail. You will only need to sign documents and inspect the car.

What is included in the rental price:

  1. Selected car in a class.
  2. All taxes and fees associated with rental.
  3. Seasonable tires.
  4. Maintenance during the rental period.
  5. CDW, TP, TPL insurances with deductible.
  6. Replaceable car in case of breakage or accident.
  7. Not a limited mileage.
  8. Support 24 hours a day.

Not included in the rental price:

  1. Fuel.
  2. The cost of parking (if it is paid).
  3. Payment of fines.
  4. Any incidents in the event that you do not report to the police.
  5. Loss of car keys or any documents.
  6. Damage to wheels, when using cars.
  7. Car wash.

Limit of run

The mileage limit is 250 km per day (if the mileage limit is exceeded, the surcharge is 10 rubles per 1 km) if you rent a car less than 5 days. Renting more than 5 days you receive not limited mileage.


All our cars are fully insured. We have CDW, TP, TPI protection included. There is a deductible under the conditions of the insurance company. The size of the deductible is the amount of the deposit for the car. Your liability is equal to the amount of the deposit, so there are also cases in which the insurance does not work.

Cases in which insurance does not operate:

  1. The accident is committed with alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.
  2. Driving a car by a third person who is not entered in the rental agreement.
  3. The wheels damage (exception, if the wheels were damaged during an accident).
  4. Loss of documents (passport, insurance policy), keys, license plates.
  5. Water entering the engine (shock).
  6. If an accident occurred while towing or loading the vehicle.
  7. The use of the car for other purposes (racing, taxi).
  8. When transporting non-dimensional cargo or prohibited chemical substances.
  9. Hiding from the scene of accident.
  10. If damage occurred while transporting animals.
  11. Operation of the car in the zone of combat operations or in enclosed zones for the movement of civil transport.
  12. Stealing the wheel without hijacking the car.
  13. If the car was stolen, and the keys and car passport remained in it or were lost.
  14. Also, insurance does not work for gross violations of traffic rules.

Deposit and its return

A deposit is the amount that is a deductible for an accident or any damage to a car, an amount that is not covered by the insurance company.

If you leave a deposit for the car, its return will be made immediately upon receiving and inspecting the car by our representative. Transfer of deposit can be delayed if the car is not possible to inspect (dark time in conjunction with a dirty car).

In case of an accident or other damage to a car, the lien can be withheld completely or partially, depending on the cost of repairing the car, if it is not possible to determine the amount of damage on the spot, then the deposit amount will be withheld completely until the circumstances of the car repair (no more than 10 working days) .

The deposit is a guarantee and can not be used to pay for or prolong the rental!

The deposit or it part can be used as payment while returning the car for such cases:

  1. The cost of cleaning or dry cleaning when the car gets dirty.
  2. The amount of repair for wheel damage.
  3. The amount for the restoration of keys, or documents for the car.
  4. The amount for the rerun (with a limited mileage).
  5. The amount for fuel, if the car was returned with less fuel than was taken.
  6. The cost of any police fines (GIBDD).

Car rental without deposit

You can rent a car without deposit, while you need to pay additional insurance, depending on its amount, the deposit can be reduced by 50% or absent altogether, the amount of such insurance depends on the class of the car and the amount of deposit, please check with our managers.

Reception and delivery of cars outside working hours

You can get a car without any additional payments at our office on weekdays during working hours from 09:00 to 19:00, if you want to get a car during off hours or not at the office it is possible by prior booking and for an extra charge !

Receiving and returning the car in different cities

There is an opportunity to receive and return the car in different cities in our company, for this service an additional fee is taken, please check with our managers for the size of the surcharge.

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