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Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
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The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

Car Rental Kharkov - here you can rent a car, not only at the lowest price in town, but also to lease new cars 2013  year

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.

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Conditions of rent a car

To order car rental services, you must have the following items and requirements:

1. Achievement of age - 21 years - for more expensive cars, this rule is set at the age of 25 years.
2. Driving experience - the presence of a driving license issued at least two years ago, or a mark in the new (re-issued) paper on the experience of driving
3. Passport - original for presentation
4. Driver´s license - the original for presentation and  for driving the car
5. The identification code - only for citizens of Ukraine
6. The visa stamp in your passport, immigration card - only for foreigners
7. The money for the deposit and payment services


Rent a car is best done in a few hours before using the service. The best form of order is an order via the form on our website or by telephone with an indication of your data passport and driving license. Providing us with your data before the office visit will contribute to rapid service and you will not waste time waiting for the preparation of documents for the start of rental.


Cars passed and returned, subject to normal wear and tear.

Limit daily mileage of 250 km / day - is considered totally, it means, for hire car for 10 days - allowed mileage is 2500 km. The company is absolutely not interested in how many miles you are going to drive in a day, the total daily mileage is in fact returning the car.
There is also a service car rental with unlimited mileage - this service is paid separately from the calculation of the number of days and class of cars.


Territorial use of the car is acceptable all over Ukraine, the restriction is leaving the car at the border. RACE does not provide services to the use of rented cars, which were obtained in the territory of Ukraine on abroad.

Payment of rental services can be carried out in any way convenient for you: cash, bank transfer, international payment card systems. We do not accept foreign currency. Prices listed on the site in US Dollars solely for the convenience of customers ordering a car from abroad. All payments are held in cash or non-cash forms are made exclusively in the national currency - the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). In the case of payment by credit card car rental - currency conversion is done automatically by means of international payment systems, while the consumer receives a check in the Ukrainian currency - hryvnia.

Rent A Car Enterprise is an absolutely legitimate and legal firm for your requirement may be granted to all the registration and licensing documents. We write out checks, invoices, prepare the documents for any services rendered and payments made by the authorized on territory of Ukraine.


The price includes car rental services, such as the replacement vehicle (in case of breakdown car, insurance, maintenance and taxes).

Cars provided in the rental are fully insured. Liability limited by an amount of collateral.

Insurance coverage does not apply in cases of driving while intoxicated, lost keys, documents, and numbers on the car, cut tires caused by road or the nature of quality control, participation in a car in the race for the needs or use a taxi, transportation of animals and oversized cargo.



Car rentals are available at any of our offices or it can deliver on your request in a convenient place for you. We produce services at airports and railway station locations in the cities of our offices. Our staff will always carry a mobile GPRS payment terminals, with which it is possible to pay even a credit card anywhere in the world.

All vehicles are transferred to the rental clean and returned in a clean condition. When returning the unwashed car, an additional charge of  100 UAH for passenger cars and 150 UAH for SUV.
The cars are always timely maintenance, with the seasons tires, have bibelot alarm with central locking system, equipped with spare wheel and other stuff .


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