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Car rental Kutaisi, Georgia

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Car rental in Kutaisi

If you start your trip to Georgia from Kutaisi, think about renting a car in Kutaisi. Despite the fact that there are places of interest in Kutaisi, you only have 1 or 2 days to inspect them, that's why tourists prefer to stay on the coast (in Batumi, Chakvi, Anaklia, Kobuleti, Ureki) or Tbilisi.

Who uses car hire in Kutaisi?

Naturally, these are tourists, but they can all be divided into 2 main categories:

  1. Those who arrive or depart from the international airport of Kutaisi, because they use this city as a transport hub on their way to travel in Georgia. This category of tourists orders car rental in Kutaisi with the receipt of the car right at the airport. Than they go to the coast, the mountains or the capital of the country.
  2. Those who come to Kutaisi and there rent a house. Such tourists are a minority, because everything can be inspected in 1-2 days in Kutaisi. This category of tourists uses Kutaisi as a cheap city, where you can stop and vice versa, from here you can move and inspect the country point-by-point.

Rent a car in Kutaisi

There are 5 main ways to book a car in Kutaisi:

  1. Call us at +380-67-522-65-55, +995-514-57-75-55
  2. Place an order on the site
  3. To write to us on e-mail: order@race.biz.ua
  4. Order a rental via chat on the site
  5. Call or write to us via Skype: race-ukraine

The best time to order a car

A high season is a time when most cars are occupied or stand on a "stop list" due to pre-sale. The high season in Georgia and Tbilisi is from May to October, the rest time is a low season. If you arrive to Georgia in high season, than order a car at least for 1 month is the best way. The car can be ordered 12 hours before in a low season.

Boom in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is primarily a budget airport. Air travel is not so popular here in the summer, but in the autumn-winter period flights are increasing due to the fact that the cost of tickets drops significantly. The fly from Kutaisi can be 2 times cheaper than from Tbilisi.

Car rent with driver, transfer

If you do not want to drive by yourself, you are tired of the road, do not have a driving license or just want a transfer from the airport to the Kutaisi city, to Batumi or Tbilisi. Then our company will provide you with a full range of services. If you want a big and comfortable car, book a minivan, go off-road - SUV, just get cheaper - economy class. The prices depend on the distance of the trip. We will calculate your order, just write us an email: order@race.biz.ua indicating the parameters of the trip. We answer you duiring a few working hours.

Rent a car at the airport of Kutaisi

There is only one car rental company in the airport. The prices of this company you unlike. The prices for car rental at the Kutaisi airport are 2-3 times higher than ours, even if we deliver you a car. The rest of the companies that are going to serve you at the airport will make delivery of the car from Kutaisi, Tbilisi or Batumi.

You can get a car at the airport 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our company, regardless of public holidays. For more details, please contact us.

About the city of Kutaisi

The first mention of Kutaisi was in the IV-III century BC. At one time, this city was the residence of Georgian kings, as well as the second industrial center of Georgia in the provisional USSR. At this time, launched industrial plants, automobile, tractor, electromechanical and other factories have been built. There is very interesting architecture of the city in Kutaisi. There are opera and drama theaters here, as well as the Georgian Kutaisi Theater named after Lado Mashishvili.
The most famous landmarks of the city:

  • Bagrat Temple,
  • Sataplia,
  • Gelati monastery and the monastery of Matsameta.

The Bagrat Temple and the Gelatsky Monastery are included in the UNESCO world memo.

The Bagrat temple stands on the most ancient hill in the city, the Ukemerion hill on which the first settlements supposedly arose.

Transport in the city is not well developed. The city is shuttled only by minibuses, there were trolley buses before, but now there is no such transport. There is a railway station and an international airport. A great alternative to transport for visitors and tourists will be car rental in Kutaisi.

Several reasons to choose us:

  1. Loyal prices
  2. Any classes of cars
  3. Full package of insurance
  4. Offices in Kutaisi down town
  5. On-line order on the site

Rent a car in Kutaisi without deposit

If you do not want to leave a deposit for the car, choose the service "car rental without deposit" in the booking form. There is an additional charge for rent a car without a deposit. This is payment for additional insurance without a deductible.

Come to Georgia, book a car rental in Kutaisi with our company.

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