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Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
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The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

Car Rental Kharkov - here you can rent a car, not only at the lowest price in town, but also to lease new cars 2013  year

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Benefits of car rental

Rent a car came into our lives. The main reasons of these service were cheapness and convenience. Of course, you can dispute these facts. The taxi service are still cheap in some countries because there is no strict licensing, and the requirements for passenger safety are negligible, therefore anyone can become a taxi driver in exactly 15 minutes, hence the high competition and low price for taxi services in comparison with world experience. We will proceed from the realities of the markets we are working on, namely: Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and answer the question why rent is still beneficial in these countries.

15 evidence that car rental is beneficial for you:

  1. You are not tied to time, you buy time for money: not only in the process of movement, you also do not expect the car to be delivered, do not pay for simple cars, waiting;
  2. No payment for driver's work
  3. No care for insurance and its payment
  4. There is no concern about periodic maintenance, spending on it, as well as costs of extraordinary service
  5. Changing tires for the season is on time and not at your expense.
  6. You do not have a problem where to store wheels, how to deliver them and where to change them
  7. Ability to use different cars, brands, colors: from your mood, tasks, activities or goals of the trip
  8. The ability to quickly change the car: I did not like it, I take another.
  9. There are no fellow travelers or outsiders with their ideas and difficulties (taxi driver
  10. In the event of an accident, after an hour you can get another, the whole car, and cares for repair, delivery of cars go to the car rental company
  11. All the same it's not so expensive, especially if you really think of money and think about how much your car is losing in the price every day while standing in the garage
  12. If you went on vacation - do not pay, worries about the safety of the car as well - everything can be done by the company owner of the car
  13. The benefit in imposing payments on the costs of companies that enjoy long-term lease (leasing)
  14. Redemption of a car when getting a car under the procedure of financial leasing or rent with the right of repurchase, that is, pay for rent and redemption of the car: two in one.
  15. Fast registration of hire, no formalities, certificates, etc. Came, paid, left.

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