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Rent a car in Prague

If you are going to visit Prague, you will want to drive through this wonderful European country after sightseeing in the city. Therefore, a large number of tourists order a car rental in Prague, for further travel around the country and for travel to other EU countries. Tourists are often visit Dresden, because it is just 200-250 km far from the Prague, and they also go to Karlovy Vary, at least for a day, to look at this ancient royal resort.

Despite the fact that Prague is an old city and there are many small streets, the traffic is well regulated and there are no monstrous traffic jams. There are also no any problems with parking. The parking fee is not so cheap. Please note! There are three types of parking (local residents, employees and all others) in the central part of Prague. The parking areas differ in color.

9 reasons why you should choose us:

  1. We speak Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, English, Georgian, Farsi
  2. All cars have insurance
  3. All cars are new, up to 3 years of use
  4. All taxes are included in the price, there are no hidden fees
  5. Ability to travel by car across Europe
  6. Tires on the car according to the season
  7. Car delivery to any place in Prague
  8. Any form of payment
  9. Ability to pay debit cards

Requirements for the driver:

  • Age is not less than 21 years
  • Experience of driving is from 2 years
  • Documents: show your passport and a driving license made in Latin discription.

Cars that we offer for hire in the Czech Republic

Most of the cars that we are ready to offer are vehicles of Czech manufacture, named Skoda. We divide all our car on several classes:

  1. Mini – Skoda Citigo
  2. Economy – skoda fabia, skoda rapid
  3. Medium - Renault megane, skoda Octavia,Hyundai I30
  4. Minibuses - Hyundai H1, Mercedes Viano

All our cars are equipped with air conditioning or climate control. You can order a car with a manual or automatic transmission at your request.

Features of traffic rules in Prague and the Czech Republic

Speed limits on the roads:

  • In the city 50 km/h
  • The route is 90 km/h
  • Motorway 130 km/h

Note! The speed limit is hard, there is no over-speed condition for any value, if 90 km/h is specified, it means exactly 90 or less.

There are radars on highways that fix excess of speed. Than the "letter of happiness" comes to us. We resend these letters to you for payment. Failure to pay a fine can block your entry into the territory of the European Union in the future.

Traffic on the roads is mandatory with the passing beam on during the day.

Payment of parking

All parking must be paid on the spot. You can go to the parking lot and pay for the parking for the required number of hours. The receipt should be placed in the passenger compartment under the windshield.

Insurance, car rental in Prague without deposit

All cars have insurance coverage. You do not need to pay for insurance, this is already included in the price. When you rent a car, you leave a deposit. The deposit is equal for a deductible for an accident. In case of accident the insurance company do not made payment for the amount of the deposit.

If you purchase additional insurance coverage, you can use a car with zero deductible or all-inclusive insurance, in this case, you do not need to leave a deposit.

Additional payments

The customers ask about the additional payment very often. Here is the exact list of payment fees:

  1. Delivery or return of the car outside the office - 10 euros
  2. Out-of-office or weekend service - EUR 15
  3. Night service - 25 euros
  4. Police fines
  5. Deductible at the event - the amount that is not paid by the insurance company is a multiple of 300-400 euros depending on the car (the size of your deposit)
  6. GPS - 2 euro per day
  7. Child seat - 4 euro per day
  8. Boxing on the roof - 4 euro per dayь
  9. Additional insurance - if you want a car with a zero deductible

Order a car in Prague

Three easiest ways to order a car rental:

  1. Call us at (+38) 067-522-65-55
  2. Write to us by e-mail: order@race.biz.ua
  3. Contact the chat
  4. Place an on-line order on the site

Prague always enjoys high demand among tourists; therefore it is worth taking care of the car in advance. The best option is to book a rental 1-2 months before your trip.

About the Czech Republic and Prague

Thousands and tens of thousands of tourists come to Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is not only a beer tour, as it seems to some. Prague is a quiet European capital with its sights. Plunge into the old days, eat a pork rudder, skip a couple of glasses of Czech beer and stroll around the old town - a wonderful time for escort.

Prague is full of attractions. This city you will look like a pedestrian, but there are many places that are worth visiting in the Czech Republic outside of Prague.

What are these places?

Attractions in the Czech Republic

  1. Royal country residences,
  2. Count's house and other nobility,
  3. Karlovy Vary, even if you are not going there to undergo a course of treatment - just look at this fashionable resort.
  4. Prague Zoo - is located outside of the city, that’s why car rental in Prague is useful in this case.
  5. Trip to Dresden. The city of Dresden is only 230 km from Prague, therefore you can get there in a few hours.

How to get to the sights outside Prague?

One way is to book an excursion or go by public transport, but there are other options, for example, rent a car in Prague.

Using the car rental service in Prague, Czech Republic, you can go to the suburbs of Prague and independently inspect the entire color of the Czech Republic. The roads in the Czech Republic are quite comfortable. You do not feel tired driving a car.

The cars for hire are offered with unlimited mileage per day, which makes possible any trip to Europe by car that you rented in Prague. Vehicles have the plate numbers of the European Union. You can travel anywhere in EU, except for additional payments on some autobahns.

How to pay at highways

Book a car rental in Prague with us and we will offer you an additional service, paid travel to the autobahns of Europe.

Rent a car with a driver service in Prague

Do not want to drive by yourself? Then book a car rental in Prague with a driver. We will also perform the transfers from the airport to the city.

Book a car rental in Prague with us!

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