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Car rental in Lviv

If you decide to plunge into the old Europe, but do not intend to leave Ukraine, than Lviv is a city where you can immediately see Ukraine and Europe together. You can take a taxi or use a city transport, you can choose walking tours, or you can use the car rental service in Lviv in order to travel around the city.

Note that the car parking conditions, especially in the city downtown, are not very good. There you can see cars that are parked one side at the area and another on the roadway. The streets of old Lviv are narrow, the conditions of transportation by car and parking reminds old European cities - downtrodden streets, lack of parking spaces.

Order a car rental service in Lviv is very simple, and it is not necessary to go to the office, you can simply make an order by phone or through the site. The car will be delivered directly to the railway station or to the airport, if the car is needed to the hotel - also not a problem.

Why is it worth to order a car rental service in Lviv from us:

  1. Large car fleet - you will find cars from economy to business class
  2. Moderate prices are among the best in Lviv
  3. Availability of insurance for all cars
  4. Car delivery and return anywhere in the city and outside the city
  5. Always an excellent new tires on the car, to avoid misunderstandings on the pavement
  6. 24-hour customer support
  7. Large network of offices throughout Ukraine

Terms of rental in brief

Rental conditions are standard for the entire territory of Ukraine, Lviv is no exception. The passport and driver's license, small deposit and payment for car rental. You can get more detailed information about the rental conditions in the corresponding section on our website.

Most popular cars in Lviv

Features of movement in Lviv

To move the old city’s streets by car, you need to be vigilant, especially in the cold season or while rainy. The roads represent mostly by an ancient stone blocks. While rainy or snowy weather it is very slippery at the roads.

The parking requirements in Lviv are very humane. The locals say, nobody steals cars or car parts in Lviv. It affects piety, culture and proximity to Europe. You understand that there is a special warmth and good-naturedness in Lviv after watching just a few days outside the city. Everyone cordially greets you, ready to help, tell you the way and give the right answer.

If you arrived, order a car rental in Lviv, but do not know the city, take a GPS for rent as an addition. The GPS will help you to find a way, although in the vicinity of the "old" city, it will not help much - the streets are so small and narrow that you pass them, and later the navigator realizes that you already missed the intersection.

Renting a car will have to come in handy if you decide to travel outside of Lviv, for example, go to Mukachevo or drive to Uzhgorod Castle, or maybe you need to go to Pochaev Monastery or Lutsk, Ternopil, you can also go to the former USSR health resort Truskavets, which is located just 70 km from Lviv.

In any case, if you need a car rental service in Lviv, please contact us, we will be very glad to see you!
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