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Rent a car in Kharkov

Perhaps you were looking for these services, but did not know where to turn or what to do. You might have been puzzled by the boss, perhaps you were just looking for a car and a driver to transport your parents or a child, or maybe you were faced with the need to temporarily lease a car in Kharkov for personal or company needs. Probably you had questions, but now you know that we are ready to answer them.

If you are looking for a car rental without a driver in Kharkov or any service connected with rental of transport, RACE Kharkov is ready to help you.

Just 4 steps and you're already with the car:

  1. Call us (+38) 067-522-65-55
  2. Report rental information, obtain information about the cost of the service, tell operator the data of your documents
  3. Visit the office or receive a car at your address
  4. Receive the car, make a payment and you are on the way

You can make a reservation using:

  1. Web - the electronic form of booking, the order is immediately calculated
  2. E-mail: order@race.biz.ua - write to us, indicate the rental dates, place of receipt and return, as well as the preferred car
  3. Phone call +38 067-522-65-55, informing our managers about the details and features of your order
  4. Office visits in any city, in any country
  5. Chat - write to us, we will instantly book a car for you

It is very important! If you order a car rental in Kharkov, than understand what you are paying for and what volume of services is included in the price that you were called. In our case, the rental price includes:

  1. CDW, TP and TPL insurances with deductible
  2. A car without a driver for the whole period
  3. Seasonal tires, tire storage and the cost of seasonal tires change (with long-term lease)
  4. Taxes

Additionally, you may be charged for:

  1. Delivery or return of the car within the city, airport or in another city (not Kharkov)
  2. Car wash after return
  3. Payment for additional kilometers, if the car you received with a limited mileage
  4. Damage not reported to the police and insurance company
  5. Damage that is not covered by insurance

A little about the city

Kharkov is one of the largest cities in Ukraine and the second largest in population. The city is dubbed the center of industry, science (there are 142 research institutes), education (45 higher educational institutions!) And culture, after all, in the distant 1918, Kharkov was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Kharkiv has not lost its ambitions in terms of growth and development, and in the nearest future it can become a serious competitor to the title of Ukrainian capital.

Kharkov will amaze you with a variety attractions. You can visit a lot of interesting places in the city, make unforgettable walks around the city. You will undoubtedly admire:

  • The largest in Europe and the third largest in the world - the area of Liberty.
  • Kharkov Zoo, which is definitely worth a visit, because this zoo is the oldest in Ukraine, it was founded in 1903.
  • The city is stunning with a large number of museums (literary, historical, artistic, marine, nature museum, museum of dolls, etc.)
  • Unusual and humorous monuments (Monument to the Lovers, a monument to the Chicken Eggs, a monument to the Thoughtful Chimpanzee, etc.)
  • Fountains, unique ancient temples (the Church of the Holy Ascension, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Annunciation Cathedral)
  • Theaters (there are more than 20 in Kharkov), parks and squares.

Convenience with car rental in Kharkov

Rent a car in Kharkov will ensure you the convenience of moving around the city, as well as the opportunity to make purchases at the largest industrial and clothing market of Ukraine "Barabashova". To use car rent in Kharkov is quite rational financially, as the territorial expanses of the city force to sharply raise the question of the necessity of having a car. We suppose you urgently needs a car, but not for permanent use, but for a short time. How to overcome this difficult situation?

Car rental in Kharkov is a reasonable decision in any situation. Just decide about the model of the car and the rental period. You do not have to worry about the rest. All cars in our fleet are insured, its have high-quality tires, they are regularly serviced.

Car rent with cross border

The city of Kharkov is in close proximity to the border of the Russian Federation. May be it is necessary to rent a car with the right to travel outside of Ukraine. The usage of services renting in the city with a trip abroad, can only be done to a corporate clients and large companies. In the standard car rental package in Kharkov this type of service is not provided.

There are many companies offering car rental in Kharkov, and all of them speak about their advantages. Of course you will easily get confused in choosing. We can offer more than just a quality service level. We propose the real, living human relations, joy of communication - we declare ourselves as a team in which everyone can feel like a member of one big family.

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