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Car rental in Zaporozhye

The visiting card of the company "RACE" is qualified and professional car rental in Ukraine. All cars in our fleet are equipped with a winter and summer tires with a perfect quality and not worn out. Our customers can feel secure, because we carry professional service of our cars.

Rent a car with a driver

Are you tired of a constant driving? Do you want to relax? Hire a car with a driver service. It's convenient and practical. You can usefully spend your time while moving, for example, conduct an important business conversation, think over about a further strategy of doing business, get acquainted with morning correspondence or simply admire the scenery outside the window, do not thinking about anything.
It is always ready for you:

  1. The best cars: comfortable minibuses, off-road cars, business class vehicles
  2. Professional drivers, that are ready to perform your task 24 hours a day

Car rental without driver

This is our main specialization. We understand that you just want to rent a car for spend a trip to go to your relatives. There is nothing better than to visit the parents' house, to drive to the nature side. We understand and appreciate, that you have not been home for a long time. The permanent work abroad brings an income, but nothing will replace your mother's warmth and home comfort. It is not a cosines for a somebody, but your memories are the best pleasure. This is one of the main reasons for working with us and renting a car in Zaporozhye, just go to your parents and stay with them, possibly having traveled to a couple of relatives.

The most important thing at the rental office

The most important thing for you, and naturally for us, if you order a car rental service without a driver, is:

  1. Receiving, refunding and using the car must pass unnoticed so as not to spoil your basic goals. We understand that car rental is just a thing to solve your issue, but not the purpose.
  2. Provision of quality services: good cars, tires
  3. Good price offer
  4. Punctuality and timeliness on the part of car rental in Zaporozhye
  5. Clear calculation, without any pitfalls.

You get all this and even a little more with RACE Zaporozhye, namely: free delivery to your address in most cases.

Customer care at any desk

All our branches work around the clock, if you urgently need our services in any city of Ukraine, we will immediately extend a helping hand to you. Car rental in Zaporozhye is no exception. We will happily fulfill all your wishes, surround you with care and attention, so your trip become a successful, and you did not think about looking for some other companies that carry out similar services. Our regular customers appreciated our work and care, because car hire in Zaporozhye for us is not just a business, we put our soul into rental and this is felt immediately.

Working hours of our offices

Zaporozhye is the administrative center of the Zaporozhye region, one of the largest administrative, industrial and cultural centers in the southern part of Ukraine. Therefore, car rental services in Zaporozhye will be useful to people of different professions, help out if your car breaks down and it will be repaired for a long time, and your work is connected with constant traveling and so on.

The city of Zaporozhye is full of natural beauties and modern buildings, it can be called a city of contrasts. It is the island of Khortytsya in Zaporozhye, the largest island on the Dnieper River. The island, the adjacent rocks and small islands draw attention, are forced to stop involuntarily and think about the historical past, about the Zaporizhzhya Sich and its heroic battles. Allow yourself to touch this amazing, fantastic and, at times, simply unimaginable world. Have you already set out on a trip to the island? Car rental in Zaporozhye will help make this trip fast and exciting.


The best gratitude from clients for us is their trust and consistency in the choice of our company's services. Priority is the fact that we do not throw words to the wind, but we provide real help, you can see this in practice, renting a car, you will see that very soon it will become a vital need for you. Do you still doubt? How to find out what the car rent in Zaporozhye is? Just from your own experience. Feel all the advantages of the services we provide.

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