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Car rental in Simferopol (Crimea)

Summer is coming, and maybe the summer today, and maybe the summer is over and you´re just planning to corporate trainings in Crimea?? Like the way there will be a service of car rental in Simferopol and the Crimea, book car hire in Simferopol airport and on your arrival, RACE staff will meet you with a complete set of documents, car keys and naturally a rental car.

As we have said car rental in Simferopol and the Crimea may be needed for different purposes, purely for recreation and strictly for business meetings. Aware of all the delights of our clients, we provide a variety of cars - from convertibles and SUVs to small-car economy class.

Agree, many people in their dreams think about the sea, summer breeze, the Crimean cool evening, a white cabriolet car and a beautiful girl sitting beside him. If there is a white cabriolet, as the proverb says, everything else is not a problem. However, if you not have a white cabriolet - no problem. Rent a car in Crimea can be booked directly by phone or via the website, and a handsome white cabriolet will be delivered to the door of your hotel.

Another case is when you´re being a super businessman came to do business in the South. How to do this without expensive and reliable "horse", but to drag your "jade" for miles and miles away just does not make a sense. So order a rental car in Crimea in the RACE and the problem is again removed from the agenda.

But if we discard the first two cases and return to the family, children - that´s you, a married man, the head of the family, and you take a family on the south sea. Does not matter how the way your car was broken just before the departure from your home town.  Put the car on repairs, buy a train ticket and took a taxi. Cool, but what to do with the kids you have, and even a couple of nephews, which you have also with you? We call  to the car rental in Simferopol, and even if you are already in Yalta, sunbathing on the beach, the car will be delivered directly to the beach. Now everything is OK, we can safely "load" the family in the car and go on a  trips take a look at the everything.

Car rental is available in the Crimea for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners from far and near abroad. So when you will see people inside  the car with the Ukrainian plates , but speaking with obvious Russian accent, do not be surprised, this is not the Ukrainians who had studied in Russian schools, it is true Russians, our favorite foreignerd. Heard the Russian dialect from the Ukrainian car that?s because rent a car in Crimea is working well.

Planning a vacation in the Crimea, think about the possibility of planning your vacation and leisure time with us. RACE will provide you with car rental services in Simferopol and rental cars all around the Crimea.

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