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The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

Car Rental Kharkov - here you can rent a car, not only at the lowest price in town, but also to lease new cars 2013  year

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.


Questions are often asked

1. What kind of documents are needed to rent a car?

To get the car you need: passport, driving license, an identification code (for citizens of Ukraine), visa or stamp in passport showing the procedure of entering the country (for foreigners).

2. What are the requirements to the driver?

Age not younger than 21 years (25 years for the higher class cars), driving experience starting from 2 years (for a higher class car from 5 years).

3. Can I drive if I have a great driving experience, and the driving license have got only 2 months ago?

Driving experience is determined solely by the date of issuance of a license, if the certificate reissued - on the mark made ​​on the length of service in Category B, or near the bottom of the certificate. Experience does not drive under the Act, without rights, is not taken into account.


4. What are the requirements for a driving license for a foreigners?

Everybody who have driving license can drive a car in Ukraine. According to the UN Vienna Convention 1968 of traffic rules driving license of non-resident people are liquid in case it made on Latin literas, have category (B – for a light vehicles). In case license does not have B category – driver must have international driving license made as book on a 30 languages with B category.

5. Can I drive a car without a driver´s license?

Yes, you can, if you leave a deposit for the car at a rate of 100% of the vehicle and its registration.

6. Does the company can rent a car?

Yes. There are a lot of  companies who are working with us.


7. What is your legal form, are you private entrepreneur?

We are the company.

8. What does the company  need for a car rental?

If the tenant is a legal entity, then the conclusion of the contract, the following documents: a certified copy of certificate of state registration, a certified copy of the charter of human body or official authorized to sign the contract, certified copy of the order appointing officer or attorney (other document evidencing the appointment or authority), a copy of passport of the person who signs a contract, a copy of the passport and driver´s individual code for each driver, the document governing the relationship between the driver with a legal entity (contract, letter of appointment), details of the company, the certificate of the taxpayer.

9. What is the deposit?

The deposit is deductible upon the occurrence of insured events, it means, that the sum is not paid by the insurance company. You are responsible in the amount of collateral in the event of any accident.


10. If  a car which I  steer gets into an accident, but  not by my fault, do I also  lose my deposit? Why?

Your liability is incurred, regardless of the presence or absence of guilt, it means, you will be guilty or anyone will catch up you - your mortgage will still act as a guarantor. Because the situation with the rental car 100% comparable to the situation on his own car, if your personal car is 3200 UAH franchise, and caught up with someone, the only option to take away 3200 UAH, culprit in this situation and will deal you, so also in the car for hire, if someone caught you - take away from him the amount of your mortgage. Cars are driven by you, the road on which you ride as you choose, then the responsibility in the form of collateral or the resolution of the situation for the amount of collateral to the culprit lies with you. This situation can be avoided by purchasing additional insurance coverage, in this case, your liability may be reduced or equal to ZERO. All of this is due to the fact that car rental is a high-risk business and pay double or triple rates, we still do not have the best conditions, so if the daily cost of hiring 30 or 50% of the cost you can live with - please order our insurance with ZERO responsibility. So you can hire all over the world, if someone tells you differently - is to question, you can simply cheat.

11. Do you have drivers that are specifically overtake cars and create a road accident in order not to give deposit  back?

It is difficult to say something, as well as to the question: "do you return the deposits?". If we do not refund deposits or have a special team of drivers create accidents, we will not confess it to you. Try us for. We have been working for over 6 years, we have many regular customers. If we were working on any of the above schemes, we have not physically pulled more than 2 years.
We return all deposits, do not have drivers that are specifically create an accident. If doubts remain - call back, we  specially will give telephone numbers those clients, who asked us same questions - check with them did they get their deposit back, and  was everything all right with the car.


12. Does a foreigner can rent a car?

Yes, but  if his driver license correspond to the UN Vienna Convention 1968.

13. I am a Russian citizen, can I drive a car to rent in Ukraine?

Yes, we have a lot of customers - the citizens of the Russian Federation. The documents correspond perfectly.

14. Do I can pay the deposit by the card?

We accept VISA and Mastercard.

15. Do I can make a payment for rent by the card?

No problem, and at any point of Ukraine: airport / train station, at your home - we have GSM terminals for receiving payments.

16. Do I can leave a deposit for the car in the Russian ruble?

No, all payments on the territory of Ukraine shall be held exclusively in the national currency. The use of foreign currency in the calculations is prohibited by law. Currency is converted automatically by credit card payments.


17. Does the car can be driven by  a few drivers, I and my wife?

Yes, it can be an unlimited number of people. To this end, each driver must have a passport, driver´s license.

18. What kind of documents do you provide during renting a car?

Contract hire yours, and our sample. If necessary, a complete package of records and invoices with accounts - for the presentation of the accounting department.

19. Why does your contract made in the Ukrainian language?

In Ukraine, the whole document is the national official language. Contract for foreigners, including Russians, are duplicated in English - at the request of banks.

20. Why does my card rewrite?

Regulations of the bank, the use of bank cards and the possibility of providing services to preauthorization (bail lock) provides that such services are performed only in conjunction with the filling of a graph card number. If you do not agree with it - spend your cash.

21. Can I take the car in the same office, and handed over to the other?

Yes, this service is available, but if the offices are located in different cities, you have to pay for the service one way - one way - for the return delivery of the car. Sometimes the service is one way may be provided free of charge or at a substantial discount - it depends on the internal regulations of the company car - for this information should refer to our website or to the operators by phone or email.


22. Do two people can drive a car, with write out a contract on me and the other person just write but he do not come to your office?

A second driver should always be present during the initial signing of the contract, in order to put down a signature on a supplementary agreement on the admission to control of a car.

23. What is the period of registration documents for the car rental?

Car rental is obtained within 15 minutes. If you submit a preliminary application by mail or by phone, it´s 15 minutes, if you come into the office without a call or order - from 15 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the readiness of a particular car)

24. How long is the processing of my order?

In the case of pre-order is processed within 24 working hours. If the order is instantly today for today - it is treated within a few minutes, but in this case the order is best done by phone.


25. What is a period before the rental must be booked?

The car can be booked even for 2 hours before rolling. If you wish not to miss a certain class of car, or a good price, or be 100% confident in the car - make an order for a few days. During the high season - July, August and public holidays - booking is best done in 2 weeks.

26. Can I be sure that the vehicle you definitely deliver to the airport at the appointed time and date?

Yes, if your order is made on time, and you get a confirmation - we will have to meet you - a guarantee of 100%. Timeliness of order - this is when it is made well in advance.  Example of a not advance  order - order a car at 2am through the site without the rung at 5 am on the same day. In the event of the night, urgent orders - please confirm your reservation by phone - the maximum response time to order online 24 hours.

27. Do you deliver the car to the airport?

Yes, we deliver cars to airports, as well anywhere in the city and the railway stations.


28. Is it possible to get the car at 5am?

No problem - you can get the car and put in any time and anywhere in Ukraine, if your time is agreed upon in advance - no problem. Difficulties arise if you want to rent or get a car right now and it´s 5am or other nonstandardized time - we certainly will accept and will give a car, but not so fast - within a few hours, and in the case of pre-order - 100% of the time specified by you and place.

29. Which gasoline refuel in a car and where?

Cars running on gasoline fueling AI-95, diesel cars - diesel fuel. Filling stations in Ukraine it is best to choose a network, those that operate under the brand name.  For diesel, the winter should pay more attention to the fuelling, in addition, consult our operators at the time of a getting a car, for diesel cars, we give out free Antigel for topping up the tank and the fuel to prevent freezing in winter. 100% Guarantee nonfreezing - tested to -28 degrees Celsius.

30. Who pay for the car repair?

All repairs, maintenance is at our expense, except when the injury or damage caused by the actions of the client - puncture, damage to parts and components due to hit in the pit, or improper handling car.


31. Do you have winter tires on the car?

Cars have always tires for the season: winter tires in winter, in summer - the summer.

32. Do you have studded tires on cars?


We do not have a studded tires. Three years, since the efficiency of its use in the realities of the Ukrainian winter is lost in the first 2 weeks - we have the weather or snow, or pavement, ice is a maximum of 7 days, if you use studded tires on the pavement - spikes quickly lost and it becomes an ordinary winter tires within 1 - 2 weeks, and the use of spikes in the snow no effect. Spikes save only for ice. But if the ice will come in mid-January, and you wear winter tires at the end of October, the spikes on it is just not there.

33. Is it possible to take a car without deposit?

No, vehicles shall be given away only after making the deposit amount.

34. Can you reduce the amount of deposit?

No, except as provided for special rules for VIP clients.

35. Does the has car insurance?

Surely, each car has two insurance: CDW and TW.


36. When does the insurance is not working and why?

Insurance does not work in some cases provided for in the insurance contracts and are typical for 98% of insurance companies, and 2% fall on a VIP package for insurers. Cases of exclusion are typical of all due to the fact that they are not only prescribed by insurers, but the state agency and approved by the Financial Services Commission approved the rules in the form of insurance for each insurer. And so cases do not pay the insurance and 100% customer responsibility:

  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, which include reduction of the reaction or drug
  • Driving a car is not inscribed in the face of the contract of hire
  • Driving a car by person that do not having a driver´s license
  • Transportation of goods in the vehicle, which are transported in special circumstances - flammable, toxic substances
  • Transportation of animals in the car
  • Transporting the car
  • Using a car as a taxi
  • Using a car for a training ride
  • The use of auto racing and sports
  • Hydro hit - the ingress of water into the engine as a consequence of movement of flooding areas
  • Cut and damage the wheel - if it is not caused by an accident
  • Loss of key documents, license plates


37. Do I can get insurance with a zero liability?

Yes, for an additional fee you can have a responsibility equal to 0, except for auto theft, or the circumstances when insurance does not work.

38. Where to leave your car at the night?

The car can be left anywhere.

39. Can I ride the car abroad?

No. We do not give out  or produce any  documents for the driving  cars abroad. Do not allow cross-border.


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