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Rent a car " for a pack of crackers " or not cheating customers.
Rent a car

The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent
Car Rental Kharkiv - new cars for rent

Car Rental Kharkov - here you can rent a car, not only at the lowest price in town, but also to lease new cars 2013  year

Conditions of rent a car

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Place of receipt

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By choosing the form of payment and clicking on the order you agree with the terms of payment and booking stated on the site in the rental conditions section, as well as the offer contract.

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Conditions of rent a car:

  1. The passport of a citizen or a foreign passport
  2. Driving license with category "B"
  3. Driver's age - at least 21 years old
  4. Driving experience - 2 years, if the driver's license changed, the mark of the driving experience (placed in front of a category "B" or just anywhere on the driver's license)

Сalculation of car rent

Rent is considered daily. Every 24 hours after receiving the car. A car can be returned an hour later without paying for the next day.

How to order/book car for rent

If you want to take a car rental right now - you can just come to the office and take the car. To accelerate extradition procedures of a car - call us and we will immediately begin to prepare the car for you. Rent a car is best done in a few hours before using the service. You can book a car in advance. Please send your documents to us by e-mail or by viber, whatsApp, or write the details of your documents. We always put the car on the booking class and the gearbox. If you want to take just such a car make an order on the day of receipt of the car.

Book a rental car, you can through:

  1. the order form on the web or by phone
  2. our e-mail order@race.biz.ua
  3. our on-line chat,Skype, Viber or WatsApp
  4. visiting our office

After making an order through the site, an automatic voucher comes to the client. It guarantees a successful booking, but is not a confirmation of your order. After you receive it, you will be sure to write our reservation manager (within 2 working hours).

Area of using the car

Territorial use of the car is acceptable all over Ukraine. You cannot cross the borders of Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea and cross the border of Ukraine.

Rental payment

Payment for rental services can be carried out in any convenient way for you:

  • Cash
  • Non-cash money
  • cards of international payment systems.

We do not accept foreign currency. Prices listed on the site in US Dollars solely for the convenience of customers ordering a car from abroad. All payments are held in cash or non-cash forms are made exclusively in the national currency - the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). In the case of payment by credit card car rental - currency conversion is done automatically by means of international payment systems, while the consumer receives a check in the Ukrainian currency - hryvnia.

When paying by card or by transfer, payment amount may differ, due to the conversion of money on your card and the internal rate of your bank in relation to the currency conversion.

Prepayment of the reservation

Prepayment can be done or not done. During high season, it is always better to make an advance payment. Cars are very actively booked and prepaid booking always takes precedence.

Prepayment of the reservation can be made:

  • Credit card through the web
  • Cash in any of our office
  • Bank transfer to our company account
  • Transferring money from card to card
  • Transferring money via international payment transfers: Western Union, Money Gram, Golden Crown, etc.

Rent A Car Enterprise is an absolutely legitimate and legal firm for your requirement may be granted to all the registration and licensing documents. We write out checks, invoices, prepare the documents for any services rendered and payments made by the authorized on territory of Ukraine.


The customer leave a deposit for the car, at the day of rental. The deposit for the car is deductible on the insurance case. More than deposit amount, payed by the insurance company in case of an accident. You can also reduce your responsibility and take a car without deposit, take extra insurance. In this case, you must have a registered bank card. The cost of insurance can be specified from the managers of the reservation or on the order form by selecting the "no deposit" option.

How to pay deposit:

  1. Cash/non-cash
  2. Locking on a credit cards

If you leave a deposit in cash - it is returned immediately when you return the car, if you block on the card - then from 1 to 30 working days of the bank.

How to cancel booking

To cancel the booking, you can contact:

  1. 1. In our office and declare booking
  2. 2. Write us on e-mail: order@race.biz.ua
  3. 3. To write in a chat, skype
  4. 4. Just call us

If the reservation was prepaid, the prepayment amount is returned in such way:

  1. If the order is canceled for 72 hours (3 days) before the start of the rental - the prepayment amount is fully refunded *
  2. If the order is canceled less than 72 hours before the start of the rental - the prepayment amount is not refundable *

* Refunds are made without reimbursement of commissions of banks (about 2.5%), conversions and loss of exchange rate differences. If the delivery of the car was performed to fulfill the order, the amount is returned less the amount necessary to deliver the car. If the delivery is carried out to the addresses indicated on the site, the delivery amount is equal to the cost of the "one way" service.

Working hours

We provide services 24 hours, 7 days a week. Opening hours of our offices Monday - Friday from 09-00 to 18-00. At this time, you can take cars without surcharges. With a pre-booking, you can rent a car at any time. Car rental can be obtained at any of our offices or it can be delivered at your request at a convenient place for you. We provide services at airports and railway stations in the cities of locations of our offices. Our employees always carry mobile GPRS payment terminals, with the help of which it is possible to make payment even with a credit card anywhere in the world.

What's included in the rental

  • Phone support 24 hours a day
  • Assistance in case of an accident
  • Car rent
  • All taxes and fees
  • CDW and TP insurances
  • The replacement of a vehicle
  • Rubber according to a season
  • A limited run of 250 km / day (for longer periods or special offers can be changed)
  • Maintenance of the vehicle on the rental period

What is not included in the rental

  • Washing the car upon return ($ 10 for passenger cars, $ 15 for off-road vehicles)
  • Cost of fuel for the period of rent
  • Loss of the keys, license plates, the car passport
  • Damages that are not covered by insurance and which have not been claimed by the insurance company

Car Rental Prices

Rental prices depend on:

  • Class of car
  • Number of rental days
  • non-working / night time for receiving or returning the car
  • receiving or returning cars on weekends
  • Order additional options (GPS, child seat, etc.)
  • Car delivery / return outside the office
  • Increased permitted mileage
  • rental period

The car can be obtained with a 10% discount, with full payment of the entire order through the site (without taking into account the deposit).

Limit path

We offer a basic run limit 250 km a day, it is considered total. This means, if the period of your rental is 7 days, then you will have 1750 km of permitted mileage. The cost for a rerun depends on the class of the car.
You can order an additional unlimited mileage. Check with our reservation managers.

If you take a car for a period of 30 days or more, then the mileage limit is 150 km / day.

Fuel Policy

Our cars are filled with a minimum amount of fuel, with the same amount you return the car. If fuel is not enough, payment for fuel is made according to the tariffs of any refueling. If there is more fuel, the cost is not compensated. Automobiles are recommended to fill with AI-95 gasoline, in diesel cars - diesel fuel according to the season. In winter, for diesel cars, we will provide antigel for fuel so that you do not have problems with starting the engine in severe frosts.


The rental price includes insurance for CDW and TP. The liability of the client is limited by the amount of the pledge.

If you want to reduce your liability or take advantage of car rental without deposit, pay attention to an additional insurances.

  1. Complete zero - rent a car without deposit, the responsibility is 0
  2. Reduced liability - deposit is left in the amount of 50% of the agreed amount in the base rate. The responsibility of the new insurance cover, reduced the amount of new deposit amount

In order to get the price for this service - just go through the procedure of rendering the order on our website.

The insurance is not valid:

  1. Alcoholic, drug intoxication or the use of medications that lower response
  2. Loss of the keys, license plates, the car passport
  3. The use of the car in special modes: taxi, racing, for transportation of special cargo (poisons, flammable materials), transportation of animals in the vehicle, towing a trailer or machinery in mountainous or other special areas that require special vehicles and driving skills training ride)
  4. Driving a car or trust management person without a driver's license or without a category "B"
  5. Puncture, cut tires, not caused by accident
  6. Water hammer - the ingress of water in the car's engine
  7. Hiding or leaving the scene, chase, premeditated crimes by car
  8. Car theft if the keys and the documents were not with the driver (voluntary transfer or abandonment of the documents and / or keys, which led to the hijacking)

The contract of car rent

We give a hire contract and the act of acceptance-transfer of the car. The conditions indicated here are fully reflected in the rental agreement. Damages and comments to every Renter are noted in the certificate. You can take a photo or record a video of the car condition, for your greater confidence.

Renewals car rental

If you want to extend the rental of a car, it is best to contact the manager 24 hours prior to the date of renewal. If there is a possibility of extending the rental, you will be given an additional agreement for a new period of hire. If you rented a car for a month, and renewing the car for 3 days, the tariff will be used 3 days, not 30 days.

Return the car earlier

You can return the car early, while rental costs will be recalculated according to your actual number of rental days and apply the appropriate tariff plan, and the amount to be refunded will be refunded minus 30%.

In case of an accident

  1. Do not drive from the scene of acident!
  2. Call us and the police
  3. Wait for the arrival of the patrol, which will issue the accident and for the representative of the insurance company.

Additionally you can order:

  1. GPS navigator
  2. Baby seat
  3. Car rental with driver
  4. Transfer

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